Vibrancy and tranquility in the heart of Rio de Janeiro

If you are looking for tranquility, but want incredible options of things to do, Rio Forest Hostel at Santa Teresa is your place. A new hosting concept that put together good prices and the practicality of hostels with differentiated service, pleasure and quality of services. Located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, at the Rio Forest you’ll stay into the woods, but close to the ciity and best Rio’s cultural options. The Bondinho (cable car) ride is guaranteed, the train passes by the hostel door. Here are some options where you can go walking and near:

Circo Voador

Famous concert hall located in Lapa, a traditional cultural area of the city. Opened in october 1982, was closed for years and reopened in 2004. It features shows with national and international attractions. Meet the monthly programming.

Fotografia: Fabiano Leone

Fundição Progresso

Another excellent option for those who enjoy music and culture in an environment up than cool. A self-sustaining cultural center, which produces and displays art for about 800.000 people annually. Located in a historic building of a former factory, disabled in the 70s. The Fundição Progresso hosts the major events from show biz and traditional till renewed manifestations of the Carnaval Carioca. Goes from Maracatu till to the movies, including theater, circus, design and classical music. The casting was also from the international scene, with names such as Franz Ferdinand, Manu Chao, Motorhead and Marilyn Manson, to name a few. Meet programming.


Escadaria Selarón

Made of crazy and colorful tiles, this stairway is the work of Chilean artist Jorge Selarón, self-taught, who moved to Rio in 1983, in a tiny house just in front of the desolate stairway connecting the areas of Lapa and Santa Teresa. There are 215 steps that he entirely covered with majolica collected in urban areas of Rio or donated by visitors from all around the world, most of them in red. As the artist said: “a tribute to the Brazilian people”. Amazing place for pictures and movies.


Junta Local (during the day)

It is an outdoor market-place, is a gastronomic center, is a shopping area, is a place of exchange. Wow! The Junta Local brings together small local producers and consumers without intermediate. It offers organic options, made and cultivated with much love, dedication and talent. Where it happens? In the neighborhood of Rio Forest Hostel and different places in town. When? Stay tuned on programming. Junta Local’s Facebook. Instagram.


Bars at Lapa

Bohemia for all tastes, styles and budgets. Lapa and its nightlife activities are characteristic of the region. The neighborhood is full of pubs, bars and concert halls, and is a reference when it comes to sightseeing:

Check out the five bars that stand out in the region:

  • Carioca da Gema – One of the most traditional spaces of samba night. The environment is divided into four: the main hall, balcony, loft and second floor. Quality of appetizers and atmosphere of samba and ‘choro’ take the place to the top of the list – Avenida Mem de Sá, 79 -. Lapa.


  • Choperia Brazooka – One of the biggest beerhouse of Lapa, has four mezzanines floors. From Happy hour to birthday celebrations, the house is home of diverse groups and is a great choice for tourists. Karaoke, typical food pub and samba – Avenida Mem de Sá, 70 -. Center, Rio de Janeiro.


  • Rio Scenarium – A set of cultural pavilion, bar and restaurant. Elected by the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ as one of the top ten bars in the world. With three different environments and live concerts (samba, choro and MPB). The house fills up, it is good to book in advance – R. Lavradio, 20 – Lapa, Rio de Janeiro


  • Arco-íris da Lapa – Presents a wide range of brazilian and imported beers and great appetizers to accompany. It is a meeting place after work or chill in. Good for locals and tourists – Avenida Mem de Sá, 72 -. Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.


  • Levianos Bar – A beautiful view of the Arcos da Lapa, the Cathedral and the Fundição Progresso, features fine dining and fabulous cocktails. The bartenders are qualified to do special presentations in the preparation of drinks. Electronic music and DJ (salsa, pop rock, MPB, funk and reggae) – Avenida Mem de Sá, 47 – Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.leviano

Santa Teresa and Lapa have much more than that! Stay tuned, the schedule of the Carnaval blocks is already on the street.