Take the trolley to Rio Forest Hostel and know Santa Teresa

07-06-2014 / Santa Teresa

In one of the earliest expansions of the city out of the initial settlements in the center, more precisely in the eighteenth century, the neighborhood of Santa Teresa took place in Rio using the same name as the convent.

With its huge houses and mansions inspired by french architecture of the time, besides attracting many European immigrants, the neighborhood served as a residence for the upper class. Since then famous people resided in Santa, such as Carmen Miranda, Pixinguinha, Herbert Richards among others.

Santa Teresa, also called “Santa”, has the world famous tram that comes from downtown Rio, passing by Arcos da Lapa and finally arriving in Santa. The tram was not working for three years without passing through the neighborhood, and is predicted to be fully working in November. Besides having  privileged views of Rio de Janeiro, we have a great gastronomic center with renowned restaurants and bars like Bar do Mineiro, Restaurante Aprazivel, churches, museums and a art studios on every corner! For its charm and the proximity of the most beautiful sights of RJ as Sugar Loaf, Christ Redeemer and Arcos da Lapa, Santa Teresa welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

We can not forget the famous carnival and street parties. Ah, the street parties! Some say that the street parties of the district are the best in town. Home of Bloco das Carmeltias, Céu na Terra, and the stage of many summer loves, Santa Teresa is undoubtedly the trendiest neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.