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01-10-2015 / Santa Teresa

The region of the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, where is located the RioForest Hostel, is beautiful by itself, but you will agree that the tram is a charm of its own! – The “Bondinho” as it is affectionately called, was opened in 1986 and became an icon of Santa Teresa. Last july it returned to circulate in the neighborhood, to the delight of locals and tourists.

The tram is stilll in pre-operating system, after being stoped since 2011, the new cable car already performs the stretch between the Largo da Carioca and the Largo do Curvelo. It is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 4PM, with intervals of 20 minutes. The path goes through the Arcos da Lapa, pass by the door of RioForest Hostel and continues until the Largo do Curvelo, close to sights such as the Parque das Ruínas and the Museu da Chácara do Céu.

The new Bondinho have a capacity of 32 passengers and during this initial period, shipping will be free. The tradition was maintained – the cars have the original colors and wooden benches, and have modern system of checks and control panel. The works in the line have not yet be finished, the idea is that every line is restored and implemented, linking downtown Rio to the highest point of Santa Teresa.


The company Ferro-Carril of Santa Teresa, which holds the trams, was founded in 1872 with the concession for operate a line between the current Quinze de Novembro Square and the Largo da Lapa to Gomes Freire Avenue on the corner of the Riachuelo Street. In 1896, it opened the extension of Santa Teresa, which extended to Largo dos Guimaraes and Almirante Alexandrino Street.

Since 1968, only the Santa Teresa Tram remained in operation. In 2005 the service was stopped for a few months and since august 2011 was completely stopped. But now back to work, even partially.


  • The trams were painted in green, but began to be painted yellow orange after complaints from residents who said they were confused amid the greenery of surrounding;
  • The trams drivers are called motormen (motoneiros in portuguese);
  • In the new trams are not allowed to travel on foot or in the stirrups – which are retractable and actionable at the time of arrest in points.

The ride

The tram goes up Santa Teresa passing over the Arcos da Lapa. So, like the rhythm of the samba, it swings by the curves on the rails embedded in the cobblestone floor. Follows through the neighborhood of historic houses, where the cool restaurants and galleries share the sidewalks with simple people and locals artists.

For those staying in RioForest Hostel, the trolley offers an amazing experience and is useful as transportation. Hop on one of the cars and spend an afternoon in Santa Teresa: get off, walk through tree-lined streets, have lunch, visit areas dedicated to culture, see and make beautiful photos of several postcards of Rio de Janeiro in viewpoints.

Anything else

  • Listen to the song “Lido girl” Geraldo Azevedo – the letter talks about the tram Santa Teresa and other parts of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Watch the video with the Rio trams in the 40s.


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