Free Olympic Games – 9 modalities to live with no down payment

The Olympic Games 2016 opening is in less than five months and many people could not buy tickets. Some of them because the entries were sold out, and others for shorten budget. If you want to come to Rio de Janeiro and still enjoy the games, but you are in one of this situation, know that even without tickets, there are nine modalities that can be attended on the streets and shores of the city. Staying at the Rio Forest Hostel you save time and have get to those competitions sites. And others, you can even go walking!

Rio is a beautiful city, full of natural and urban landscapes to be admired. Rio streets and waters will host competitions that can be seen – at least partially – without paying a dime for it. Check out the sports and places where they will take places:

  1.        Rowing and Canoeing – parts of this two competitions can be seen on the edge of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas – tip: take a pair of binoculars;
  2.        Cycling Time Trial – the competition sections begin and end at the Praça Tim Maia (Recreio) and Grumari Circuit;
  3.        Road Cycling – starting at Copacabana beach (Posto 06). It can also be seen along the route in: Ipanema, Leblon, Recreio, Vista Chinesa and Jardim Botânico;
  4.        Marathon – the race begins and ends at the Sambódromo. Other points of which can be accompanied by: Avenida Presidente Vargas, Candelaria, Porto Maravilha, Flamengo and Botafogo;.
  5.        Aquatic Marathon – it has 10km which can be seen from the Copacabana boardwalk;
  6.        Athletic March – the route is about 1 km and can be followed at the end of Recreio beach;
  7.        Triathlon – cycling and running will be seen from the Copacabana boardwalk, and the streets between Joaquim Nabuco and Rodolfo Dantas. Swimming can be accompanied at Forte de Copacabana;
  8.        Sailing – will be at Baía de Guanabara and it will be seen from many places: Pão de Açúcar, Porto Maravilha, Flamengo, Botafogo and Niterói.


About Rio Forest Hostel

Located in Santa Teresa, near the city centre, the Rio Forest Hostel offers quality services, choice among shared rooms or private suites, leisure and free wi-fi. Offers in addition: a “happy hour” with live music for the guests.


Take a look at the rates and packages for the period.

Olympics – 08/05/2016 – 08/22/2016

Accommodations and Rates (minimum of 5 nights):

  • 9 beds dormitory with external bathroom – R$ 120,00 for each person;
  • 8 beds dormitory with internal bathroom- R$ 135,00 for each person;
  • 6 beds dormitory with internal bathroom – R$ 160,00 for each person;
  • Couple Suite – R$ 800,00 (for 2 persons)

Promotional packages (5% – 10% – 15% and 20% OFF) 

  • 9 beds dormitory with external bathroom – 5 days (R$ 570,00) – 7 days (R$ 756,00)  10 days (R$ 1.020,00) – 18 days (R$ 1.730,00)  (for each person) 
  • 8 beds dormitory with internal bathroom– 5 days (R$640,00) – 7 days (R$ 850,00) – 10 days(R$ 1.145,00) – 18 days (R$ 1.945,00)  (for each person) 
  • 6 beds dormitory with internal bathroom – 5 days (R$ 760,00) – 7 days (R$ 1.010,00) – 10 days (R$1.360,00) – 18 days (R$ 2.305,00)  (for each person) 
  • Suite – 5 days (R$ 3.800,00) – 7 days (R$ 5.040,00) – 10 days (R$ 6.800,00) – 18 days (R$ 11.520,00) (for two persons)

Paralympics – 09/07 to 09/18

Accommodations and Rates (minimum of 3 nights):

  •               9 beds dormitory with external bathroom – R$ 50,00 for each person;
  •               8 beds dormitory with internal bathroom – R$ 60,00 for each person;
  •               6 beds dormitory with internal bathroom – R$ 80,00 for each person;
  •               Couple Suite – R$ 400,00 (for 2 persons).

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