Forest New Year’s Eve

The best New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana or Rio Forest Hostel

The whole world has heard about the New Year’s Eve in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. But what about living that dream and spend too little on hosting? Yes, this is possible! Making your reservation in Rio Forest Hostel you will be near the South Zone, in a super nice and cool environment, will pay a fair price and still have the option to participate in an amazing party at the Hostel.

Programming the Copacabana New Year’s Eve 2016

Every year, millions of people flocking to the sands of Copacabana for the night to turn from December to January. One of the largest festivals in the world and brings together people from around the planet. 2016 will be no different, a number of attractions has been prepared and the concerts will take place in stages spread along the beach. On the main stage there will be a tribute to 100 years of Samba and the master of ceremonies is nothing more nor than less, Zeca Pagodinho.

“In 2016 we will have at the main stage of the samba New Year’s Eve on Copacabana presentation of “Sambamusical concert, something unheard of in the New Year’s concert in Copacabana, telling the story of samba and after the fires: Zeca Pagodinho himself and he should bring several guests! “said Antônio Pedro Figueira de Mello, municipal secretary of tourism.

The Copacabana New Year’s Eve 2016 will be the main place of New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro and will as always with a schedule of major national stars and the most expected fireworks show in Brazil. The complete program of the New Year’s Eve 2016 has not yet been released by the City Hall.

Through the ages

The Copacabana New Year’s Eve, in the beginning, was a religious party and was frequented by neighborhood residents and devotees (Umbanda, Candomblé and Catholics). However, in the mid-80 last, Copacabana beach hotels and the authorities support provided disclosure, structure, great attractions and sophistication to the event, which has become one of the main final events of the year in the world, receiving more than 2 million people celebrating together the New Year and peace.

Traffic and transport in the city

New Year’s Eve, the city traffic undergoes changes. So, it is more appropriate to use public transport. After all, you will not want to waste time looking for a place to park, nor stay with the stuck car when returning from the party or run the risk of being caught on the “Prohibition” driving after a few sips of champagne, right?

Leaving the Rio Forest hostel and going for Copacabana the best option is the subway toward the South Zone, landing stations in Arco Verde and Siqueira Campos. Each year, the Metro Rio offers advance tickets and alternative schedules (which can be purchased on-line). We contacted the institution and the scheme of New Year’s Eve will be announced soon. A second option is to take a taxi, but schedule the time not to be without a car. Already, the city buses on this date are not very recommended because of possible traffic jams and overcrowding.

Other local options for celebration

And if you do not enjoy being at greater demand, don’t worry: other attractions are scattered around the city. Be in Lapa, in Copacabana, the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Barra da Tijuca or in other neighborhoods, there are good alternatives for fun with friends. Stay tuned for official programming of the “Cidade Maravilhosa”.

New Year’s Eve in Rio Forest Hostel

Buy your ticket by bus or plane to Rio de Janeiro, and get ready to live an unforgettable turn of the year. Making a booking at Rio Forest Hostel, you have the option to attend a commemoration at poolside, with a privileged view of Guanabara Bay and their fireworks, and literally be into the woods, on New Year’s Eve in the Forest.

Good company and a very nice place are fundamental to a special moment! If you want to get away from the classic New Year’s Eve in Copacabana, pass the turn of the year with us in Rio Forest Hostel. Come, stay and enjoy this special day in the most charming Hostel in Rio de Janeiro. Open bar of food and drinks (All you can eat and drink), music and joy will be part of this event. Not to mention, of course, the incredible view which allows you to watch the fireworks display from Niterói and Lapa “without leaving home”! To participate, you can be a guest or not.

The party is scheduled to start at 9PM of December 31, ending about 4AM at the first day of January. Among the attractions are: DJ Slim – eclectic play list, mostly pop hits of national and international music in many styles and then have the DJ Victor Lins – electronic music style deep house, tech house and progressive.

The menu in the Forest  caipirinha buffet

The drinks menu includes: Amstel beer, caipirinhas and varied caipivodkas, soft drinks, sparkling wine and 8 years whisky. And to eat: fine sandwiches, cheeses and sausages boards, breads, pates and savory mousses, nuts and native fruits, French toast and petite fours. Also you can choose to vegan items.

Anyone who wants to join in the New Year’s Eve in the Forest, entries are already available: lot 1 – R$ 250.00 (reais – Brazilian money),  lot 2 – R$ 300.00 and lot 3 – R$ 400.00. Each lot comprises 50 tickets. On the day of the event, the invitations will be available subject to capacity.