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Rio de Janeiro is a full plate for those who enjoy rappelling, rock climbing, hang gliding, and of course the trekking. Exploring the unknown is part of human nature, so why not surrender to the city and state natural beauties? Discovering Rio de Janeiro by top trails and being hosted on RioForest Hostel, you will have no worries on how to get to places you chosee – the Hostel offers optional guides and shuttle services to these incredible peaks!

There are numerous trails through Rio de Janeiro. The Adventurers Club has set up a website listing peaks and every information to help you choose what best fits to your abilities by indicating: name, location, difficulty level, duration, and attractions.

The page serves as a portal dedicated to those who enjoy this kind of activities. Also has tips on equipment, materials, how to behave in special situations, related news, and much more.

Dry season is in November so, you will get loads of beatifull blue sky pictures while trekking. Enjoy the sun and set aside a few hours to climb a mountain. The sunrise or sunset are magical moments to be seen from above!

So what are you wainting for. Start packing, put on comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes, Adventure awaits for you! RioForest Hostel has listed six incredible trails from Rio de Janeiro. Some are light and other heavier, know your own pace and pick your own way!

Pedra Bonita


If you have not donne it, one day you will certainly do this trail, the most loved by cariocas. A little steep and without major obstacles, is located in the Tijuca National Park. It is considered mild and lasts up to 40 minutes. Start at Pedra Bonita Road, at the Estrada das Canoas bifurcation. The free flight ramp is very close to the track.

Best route to get there:

Pedra da Gávea


Some love and others fear, and comes to be considered a difficult track. Some drop out to go to the top for fear of facing the “Carrasqueira” (a steep climb near the cliff). Otherwise, the path is long but quiet, made within two hours by those with preparation. The look is similar to the Pedra Bonita, but more intense and wider.

Best route to get there:

Morro Dois Irmãos

dois bro

Mid-level trail that requires some effort and lasts 45 minutes. It is one of the tracks with the best use, is located in one of the postcards of Rio, and therefore has one of the most beautiful views of the city – From the top you can see the Cristo Redentor, the Leblon Beach, Pedra da Gávea and São Conrado beach.

Best route to get there:

Costão de Itacoatiara


That one is in Niteroi, across the Guanabara Bay. For those that are in Rio can drive or take the bus 770 from the side of the Candelaria Church, the bust goes straight to Itacoatiara. The Costão trail is famous for providing a fantastic view of the Itacoatiara beach and topography of the Cidade Maravilhosa! Relatively easily and quickly, you can take children, there are 30 minutes of ascent, past cactus and beautiful landscapes. Upon arriving at the top you will be without breath -not only for the ascent, but by all the beauty that will contemplate.

Pedra do Telégrafo

Pedra do Tel__grafo_1

Surely you have seen around a picture of “super risky” with a friend of yours hanging from a stone over the abyss! Calm, he was not reckless, he/she just made the Pedra do Telégrafo track and enjoyed a joke that yields great images. It’s actually not very easy, under the pointed stone has a plateau where people can stand, but be careful, one wrong movement and it’s all over!

The trail is in Barra de Guaratiba region. To facilitate to find the place use Waze GPS and skip a step with a little help from mototaxis. The walk itself is light. High above, the look is different; one horizon immensity, where the blue of the sea blends with the blue of the sky. Wonderful wild beaches are part of the scenario, and it’s also possible to see the Pedra da Gávea.

Best route to get there:

Trilha da Urca

DSCN0997-cópia   urca

Moderate and peaceful, also suitable for beginners, it is a good option to enjoy the look without taking the cable car. The walking time is 40 minutes and an incredible landscape with thee for several waypoints.

Best route to get there:



To turn your journey easier, we separate a very nice App, which works in three languages. It is the “Trilhas Cariocas”, with it you can visit Rio that few know and discover multiple paths to wild beaches, waterfalls and peaks in the Atlantic Forest, without leaving the city! It includes: photos and videos; Search on the map with use of QRcode; option to find the nearest trails or areas, cultural or historical information related to the site; tips on landscape, flora and fauna; and technical information. for iOS

or Android


And like any nature lover, nothing better than staying at RioForest Hostel in Santa Teresa. Your days will start with a delicious breakfast in the midst of trees and animals. You will go out, make a wonderful track and back still time to take a relaxing dip in the pool. Come on,  we’re waiting for you!