Located in Santa Teresa, historic district between the South Zone and downtown of Rio de Janeiro, the Rio Forest Hostel offers to its guests a unique experience during their stay in the wonder city.

The charming large house of classical architecture, built in 1923 and located in a green area is also provides a panoramic view over downtown and the Guanabara Bay. Swimming pool, bar, an organic vegetable garden and other gardens are reasons that explain why the Rio Forest Hostel may give, besides plenty of comfort, leisure and tranquility to its guests.

In line with the boutique style, the Rio Forest Hostel is decorated with classic furniture and works of art that mix with the contemporaneous green furniture, made with recycled material, providing a charming and bucolic environment.

A few meters far from Arcos da Lapa, the carioca bohemian and cultural bastion, the Rio Forest Hostel makes it possible the experience of being close to the bustling metropolis and enjoying as well that peace and calm, which the neighborhood of Santa Teresa alone can provide.


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