450 years of Rio and the party that is being a “carioca”

15-10-2015 / Santa Teresa

November at Rio de Janeiro

With a rich historical, artistic, cultural and landscape repertoire, the Rio de Janeiro celebrates, in 2015, 450 years. This is time to celebrate the beauty of being a carioca. After all, there are four and half centuries of joy and authenticity; It deserves a full year celebration.

November is coming, and with him, a month full of musical and cultural attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Now is time to schedule the agenda and make your reservation at RioForest Hostel; “your house” in Santa Teresa, in the city heart.

But what is to be carioca ?

More than a lifestyle. Be carioca is to be multicultural, multiethnic and multi-faceted. And be proud to be it.

Be a carioca is to be born and live in the city of Rio de Janeiro. There are “cariocas da gema” (who are born ) and also the “cariocas in heart” (who live and love the Rio). And how good, in Rio we make no distinction!

But officially, to avoid confusion, let’s clarify: carioca is the people of the city and “fluminense” is the person who is born in the state with the same name; Rio de Janeiro (this since 1975 ).

The term ” carioca ” is, of course , of Tupi (indigenous language). Its significance, however, is controversial :

  • Carioca can be ‘white man’s house ” by joining kara’iwa or kari’ (white man) + oka (home);
  • Or the name of an ancient tupinambá village that existed at the foot of the hillock, in one of two of the Carioca River mouths. The village was called Kariok or Karióge. According to this version, the “carioca” name would come from tupiskariîó terms (“Carijó Indian”) and oka (“home”), meaning “Carijó Indian home”;
  • In the sixteenth century, Tupinabás dubbed the Portuguese invaders akari (Tupi term for a specie of fish) due to the fact the armor of the Portuguese are similar to the plates that cover this fish. With the second Portuguese expedition to Guanabara Bay, in 1503-1504, it was built by the Portuguese in one of the mouth of the Rio Carioca, in the current Flamengo Beach, a stone house that tamoios Indians called akari oka, ” white man home;
  • And one more – the Aurélio Dictionary indicates the existence of an indigenous tribe called “carii” which inhabited the region of the current city of Niterói. According to this version, “carioca” could mean “carii house” (carii + oka). Interestingly, those born in Niterói are not cariocas, but fluminenses.

Concerts and more concerts

If the motto is party, focus on music presentations at the city during November:

LOS HERMANOS -. Also in the month of the “Viradinha” (October 30/31 and November 1/2), the band Los Hermanos will make four performances at the Marina da Glória. But hurry, now has only ticket available to the 02 of November. Why it sold out fast? Three years ago it was held the last concert of the band in Rio, his hometown.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/841538465934517/

EMICIDA – 11/06 – Does a concert at the Circo Voador (you can go walking from the RioForest Hostel till there). One of the most talked, posted and acclaimed names from 2015 will make an  anthologic night, releasing the album “Sobre Crianças, Quadris, Pesadelos e Lições de Casa…”. The rapper also launched one of the most incisives clips of brazilian rap, the epic “Boa Esperança” directed by Katia Lund. For the opening of the show, was invited, from in Ilheus (Bahia), the band “O Quadro”.

Site: http://www.circovoador.com.br
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com//events/537044973112491/

CRIOLO E O RAPPA – 11/07 – They play a concert at Marina da Glória – For the first time in Rio de Janeiro, an event that will bring together two of the biggest names in brazilian music, in the same night.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/471184543056826/

NEGA Gizza – 11/07 is also her day at CCBB. Special guest of the event “Madrugada no Centro”, celebrating this issue the Day of Black Consciousness, with the “Santa Soul” party. Gizza presents with the musicians Joel Ferreira (saxophone) and Jovian Jovi (percussion), and dancers. Tickets at the box office of the CCBB.

EMPIRE OF THE SUN – 11/08 – at Fundição Progresso, close to the RioForest Hostel! The Australian duo arrive in Rio with his electronic music project . The duo sold two million copies of the albuns “Walking On A Dream ” and ” Ice on the Dune ” . The current tour has gone through more than 50 cities . In 2014, they also performed at major festivals such as Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and the Governors Ball .

More information in Fundição Progresso.

EXPLOSION IN THE SKY – 11/15 – American band Explosions in the Sky , created in Texas 16 years ago, performs at the Circo Voador . The group comprises Chris Hrasky (drums) Munaf Rayani (guitar), Mark Smith (guitar) and Michael James (guitar and bass). With six albums in their career, the band also created the soundtrack of several films. In this show, the group celebrates 15 years of the release of their debut album, ” How Strange, Innocence”. Know more at http://www.circovoador.com.br

CANNIBAL CORPSE AND TESTAMENT – 20/11 – also in the Circo Voador. Both are american heavy metal bands. The Testament, originally from California, released in 2013 the album “Dark Roots of Thrash”, whose songs are in the repertoire of this presentation alongside some successes of the group. The Cannibal Corpse presented to fans last year the album “The Skeletal Domain” which has songs like “High Velocity Impact spatter,” “Sadistic Embodiment” and “Kill or Become.” Stay tuned to the Circus site.

PEARL JAM – 11/22 – at Maracanã. The american band that needs no comment on its rock style, was born in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. In the brazilian tour will have presentations in Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, beyond Rio de Janeiro.

Site: http://www.pearljam.com/tour

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PearlJam

MORRISSEY – 11/25 –  the legendary singer-songwriter performs at City Bank Hall / Metropolitan, the show’s tour for their album “World Peace Is None of Your Business” released last year. Old artist’s compositions are also part of the presentation repertoire.

Tickets at Tickets for Fun.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – 11/29 – at Vivo Rio. Headliners of electronic music festivals (or not) around the world, their live performances are visual experiences that transcend the musical repertoire with a true sensory session of sound, light and images designed to make the public travel, almost literally. For Rio, the duo promises to set fire playing their new hits and, of course, the unforgettable classics like “Hey Boy Hey Girl”, “Get Yourself High” and “Star Guitar”.

Site: http://www.vivorio.com.br

The November program goes far beyond the musical realm. See the agenda of Rio 450 Years on the project site . If you need hosting, access our website, check our rates and stay with us. The RioForest Hostel will be happy to host you!


Los Hermanos


Pearl Jam